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Dr. Terry Law

Dr. Terry Law is not only the founder of World Compassion Terry Law Ministries, but is also one of the most influential missions leaders to nations hostile to the gospel in the last 45 years.

Having confidence in God’s promise to protect him, he has dared to minister the gospel to nations in turmoil in unbelievable ways.

Boldly preaching the gospel in a packed communist nightclub in Poland despite threats of being arrested, playing a concert for thousands at the request of Pope John Paul II, shutting down the Moscow post office as 2 million The Story of Jesus booklets were requested following his appearance on Russian Television, smuggling Christian literature into Iran, and many more.

Terry has dared to do the impossible in some of the most dangerous environments in the world, impacting over 40 nations including Russia, China, North Korea, Burma, Afghanistan, Iran, Iraq and now the Ukraine.

He is passionate about equipping the next generation to minister the gospel with the same boldness that characterized his life of ministry.