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Lifestyle Reset – Do you want to get on the health bus?

Date | Time | Location

Sunday, September 15th | 4 pm | Trinity Place (Upper Level)


Dr. Judi Timmcke


You may know the basics of how to improve your health, but you may need a supporting hand and education. Hop on the health bus and join the fun learning about health and how to use tools to gain control in your life.  Run the race God intended for your life and win the prize He has for you.

For those who desire to:  

  • Lose weight & gain muscle
  • Lower cholesterol & triglycerides
  • Better control blood sugar
  • Strengthen bones & reduce joint problems
  • Handle hypoglycemia
  • Learn about CBD research
  • Have victory over food addictions
  • Have more energy & handle stress
  • Strengthen the heart & arteries
  • AND live to your optimal potential!

Childcare: No

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Judi Quilici Timmcke, M.S., Ph.D. (Dietetics and Exercise Physiology) | Judi is a scientist and has taught nutrition and has worked as a formulator in the dietary supplement industry for over 20 years.