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God’s Prescription for Living a Healthy Life

Date | Time | Location

Thursdays beginning February 6th | 6:30 – 7:30 pm | Trinity Place (Upper)


Matt & Jessica Richards


Why be holistically healthy? There is great importance in us cooperating with God to live an abundantly healthy life on Earth. Our bodies should not hold us back from fulfilling our God-given purpose. With the support of a small group, we will cover topics that include understanding the importance of health and current health trends, eating behaviors, physical activity, positive body image, stress management, and sleep. We will explore what God’s Word says concerning these topics and how we, the body of Christ, can adopt practical steps to take in partnering with God to walk in divine health.

Topics Include:

Week 1: Importance of Health & Current Health Trends

Week 2: Eating Behaviors

Week 3: Physical Activity

Week 4: Positive Body Image

Week 5: Stress Management

Week 6: Sleep

Childcare: No

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