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Registration takes place three times per year. If you would like more information about SUM TRINITYalgood, contact Pastor Richard Farley at the link below.


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About SUM

One Mission
Empowering leaders for the fivefold ministry: apostle, prophet, evangelist, pastor, teacher.

The SUM Bible College & Theological Seminary has always been committed to providing students with a memorable undergraduate experience. Our primary aim is to assist students in responding to and being equipped for the divine call. We know that this application process is just the beginning of a lifelong journey of adventure and fulfilled destiny.

SUM is a fully accredited Bible College that is training men and women to proclaim Christ throughout the cities of our world! At the TRINITYalgood cohort you will be able to gather with like-minded SUM students in a dynamic classroom environment while fulfilling the SUM experiential ministry and spiritual training requirements via the practical hands-on ministry training and transformational mentorship provided by TRINITYalgood.

SUM is a private, coeducational, Bible College & Theological Seminary connected with the Pentecostal | Charismatic Christian community. This movement generates a multi-cultural, multi-racial, and gender-inclusive fellowship empowered by the Holy Spirit. Evangelism, peacemaking, and reconciliation mark this fellowship.

SUM is committed to reaching out to all people with the Gospel, and building cultural diversity, racial reconciliation, and gender equality.

SUM’s founding vision was to provide affordable training for people called by God into the gospel ministry. For over twenty years, we have valued the many social challenges and positive resources of urban living.

SUM commits to…

  • Build a biblical and theological base for ministry and life.
  • To provide quality education at a cost within the reach of the average person.
  • Prepare leadership skills that support urban ministries and lay persons.
  • To guide interpersonal relationships and social skills development.
  • To instill the value of ethical, responsible and professional behavior.